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charlotte – my first non-usa donation

i am knitting the charlotte sweater from the gorgeous dauphine (#14) book. first of all: beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! one evening, several times, i read the decrease directions for the tops of the sleeves and i couldn’t figure it out. it just made no sense. i had to sleep on it and look at it again Read More

the knitting debrief

  robyn, aka the minimalist knitter, asked me how the knitting project went in uganda. my response came from the first time i’ve sat down to write anything out. so i’m including it here as an update: robyn, wow! where do i begin? it was really awesome! here are a few photos when the house moms Read More

gifted to give

when jon and i returned from our first trip to uganda last august, our hearts were agitated. we wanted to do something. to be of help to the children at the village of hope. we joked (ok, i joked. jon may have been quite serious!) about moving to uganda, building our own hut in the Read More