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i learned pretty early on how to get what i wanted. i would tweak things to benefit me. to be what i wanted them to be. i wasn’t told “no”. i was told – anything you want is yours. so i took what i wanted. i took who i wanted. i was pretty high up Read More


there was this girl. isn’t that how the story of every man’s downfall begins? except this.. this wasn’t your ordinary girl. she would say she was, but. no.. not ordinary. not her. she was a dream. she was brought up right, loved the Lord, came from a good family… and her heart. phew! man! and Read More


i’m just a normal girl. from a normal town. my parents have taught me well – to love God. to be good. and i’ve always dreamed about the day i would get married. doesn’t every girl? i’ve always imagined my wedding day. and what it would be like to have a family of my own. Read More


this piece was a joint effort and i cannot accept full credit for it. thanks for all the hands that contributed to this one. my name means rock. And for a good long while I actually thought I earned it! I knew why I got the name.  I grew up a fisherman, which will make Read More


i had a lot of money. i mean A LOT of money. there wasn’t anything i didn’t have or couldn’t get. and i was secure. i had a government job. i was chief tax collector. admittedly, i was corrupt. but what did i need integrity for when i had all this money? i could BUY Read More

a samaritan woman

i am a samaritan woman. do you have any idea what that means? being from samaria is bad, at least according to jewish people. they won’t deal with us. period. we are a hated race. but being a woman is even worse. our own men won’t even talk to us, at least not publicly. so Read More


i was a pretty top dog. i knew the law backward and forward. i knew it inside and out. and when there were decisions to be made about the law – i was one of the guys they called on. and it was this position that led me to a discovery that changed me. i Read More