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life after no

monday – memorial day party wednesday – youth group thursday – scuba class friday – dinner with friends saturday – baseball game sunday – scuba dive i looked at the calendar this weekend and realized i have something going on every single night this week except for one. when am i going to do laundry? Read More

99 ranch – 1, costco – 0

i’ve been conscious about saving money lately, which means reducing our grocery bill, among other things. and i suspected that an asian supermarket might provide decent produce prices. so i googled it and found that, indeed, people had indicated that asian supermarkets are great for saving money on your groceries. (eating asian can save on Read More

the life God saved you for

you hear stories of people going on what they think is a normal vacation, but it ends in tragedy, death or disappearance. our trip to costa rica last march was almost one of them. it happened on a perfect, glorious, sunny day isn’t that ironic? we were at the beach house we rented and we Read More

Mother’s Day

our moms are so under appreciated. it’s embarrassing that there is only one [commercialized] day set aside to honor them. they deserve to be lauded constantly and publicly. they are our lifeline – literally, and then in just about all other aspects. until we die. moms are unique creatures. they can be gentle and kind Read More

what’s in a name?

today it was announced that our church is changing its name from mckinney fellowship to christ fellowship. and while i have heard there are some folks not happy – or at least reticent – about the name change… i love it! i love that the new name says we are not about a city, but Read More

obsessed with knitting

i’m back in my knitting phase. i can hardly concentrate on anything else. my marriage, my job, the cats – they are riding backseat in my knit-mobile. i woke up thinking about knitting today, for goodness’ sake. it is my prayer that i wake up to God’s praise and that i would fall asleep with Read More

the glory of it all

one of the rides i’ve been doing to train for the MS150 (a bike ride to raise money for multiple sclerosis), takes me just north of stacy rd into a development that, once there, feels completely separated from the rest of the busy world i seem to live in. the trees overhang the road, you Read More

i believe in miracles, part one

when jon and i got married we had two houses – mine and his. mine was a fairly new dig with a bite-sized mortgage payment. his… well have you ever seen the money pit with tom hanks? (ok, it wasn’t that bad) had i kept the job i had we might have been okay. but Read More

the cat who cried wolf

my cat, simba, is a talker. he’ll slink through the house mrowring on a loop. when we first got him we thought he was just lost. we’d be in the bedroom and he’d by walking his track crying up a storm and thought, ‘he can’t find us,’ so we’d yell, “we’re in here!” after over Read More

a prayer for my friends

for all my friends who are serving in any capacity to make Equipping for Impact a success,.. a prayer for you: Father who knows all and sees all and cares above all give peace and energy and breath your full life into them your cause is a lofty cause. the best cause. the only cause Read More

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