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building new habits

yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine about good habits. I shared with him the new good habits I have been trying to make and what habits I wanted to start in the future, and he asked me how I start a good habit – what reminds me to do it until it Read More

what i learned at the collin classic 2011

today i rode in the collin classic, a rural bike ride rally here in, well, collin county. it seems that every time i take on a challenge like this, i end up learning a lot about myself in the process. how can you not? you spend the whole time pretty much alone. well, i do Read More

i’ve been taken for a ride

so this past weekend i completed a two-day, 150 mile ride across the texas countryside from frisco stadium to the texas motor speedway and then to downtown ft worth. why on earth would i do this? seriously. why? to raise money for nat’l MS (multiple sclerosis) society. even the raising money part was a journey Read More

spinning and paring

today was our first day of spin class 6-6:45 am. it’s official: i’m insane. had you any doubt? the spin class instructor, however, was smart and slept in. or whatever their reason was for not showing up to tell us what to do. so we got a refund for the day, a free pass for Read More

using resolve all the year-round

it’s that time of year for people to make and share their new year’s resolutions. i was asked, as usual, if i had any and i had to give them the long answer. i am in a constant state of change (hopefully for the better). it is my goal to always be learning and growing Read More

seeking Him

i’ve given up sleeping in for lent. people go “huh?” when i say that, so i have a follow-up statement to clarify: i’m getting up early every morning to spend time in the Word. i am (by nature?) a night owl. and i find that i operate optimally when i get about 8.5 hours of Read More