Month: March 2009

still seeking Him

so as not to leave you on a downer note.. i woke up this morning fresh as a daisy and enjoyed my daily reading from YouVersion. i had an epiphany yesterday to read the bible online hoping the extra light from my laptop would help with the drowsiness. and also to utilize a program that Read More

seeking Him

i’ve given up sleeping in for lent. people go “huh?” when i say that, so i have a follow-up statement to clarify: i’m getting up early every morning to spend time in the Word. i am (by nature?) a night owl. and i find that i operate optimally when i get about 8.5 hours of Read More

mother’s fruit

from heaven i sat stationary in my velvet billowy haven my spared sanctuary of winds songs and a violin and in this room challenged by the red magic marker of fear i feel at home and i stare at the mother as if enchanted by a fire i notice a mockingbird making brutal attacks on Read More


a big blue dictionary laying on the shelf between two yellow candles in wooden holders is open to the page with the word &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp noise i used it to describe the house i used it to describe the room i used it to describe the shelving it was the books underneath screaming at me open Read More

215 wawona

the outside is painted a new color a whole wall was knocked out for more room a new mutt has claimed it as his territory a den was added where the porch used to be out back mr bubble no longer resides on the corner of the tub popeye’s plastic boat has long since retired Read More


in an attempt to find some lyrics i had written and long since lost, i came across some of my college literature work. one of which was a short page of haiku. they are not related to one another so don’t look for a connection that isn’t there. i’m not that talented. crisp introduction and Read More

fish oil for the eyes

so i went to the eye doctor today and found out… [drum roll to build up the excitement and stall for suspense]… my eyes are good! but dry. very very dry. he affirmed that the amount of money i put toward lasik was not wasted and that i had only a tiny amount of sight Read More

the last time

this is a song i wrote some time back and i’ve hesitated to put it out there but.. well.. either i’ve matured to the point of saying “i am okay with it” or i’ve digressed to “i don’t care what you think of it”. haha. just kidding. maybe. truth is, in my plight to become Read More

sight for sore eyes

i had laser surgery a year and a half ago to correct my vision. there were a few minor hiccups in the process due to my excessively dry eyes, but nothing they didn’t warn me about. and once everything finally got ‘straightened out’ (they had to do a lift-and-smooth because one of my corneal flaps Read More

facebook frenzy and a little bit o’ heaven

i tweeted in my sleep last night. now don’t let your imagination get away with you – there were no resulting sounds or smells! – this was a twitter tweet. and i woke up thinking about social media. as i pondered facebook and looked forward to connecting with friends and family again today, i was Read More

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