Month: February 2008


one of the things i am struggling with at work is authority. no, not really authority, but feeling like i am everyone’s admin. i get ruffled when i feel like someone just dumps stuff on me because ‘trace will do it’. i have even opted to work from home on days no one else is Read More

post conference

last week was our conference. our 2nd annual. can i just say it is a lot of work to put on a conference? and tiring. i spent this week dragging by 9pm each night. and the awful repercussions of that is waking up before i intend to. aka not sleeping in. jon was sick all Read More


the last few days have been focused on pilate’s encounter with the jews trying to persuade him to crucify jesus. the study guide indicates that fear of appearing not to be a friend of caesar pushed him into the ‘crucify’ camp. then it makes a leap and says “show God this week that your fear Read More


the jews would not enter the praetorium because it was the home of a gentile, and they did not want to become unclean and thereby disallow them from participating in the passover meal. such hypocrisy. jesus himself told them they were like whitewashed tombs – beautiful on the outside, but inside they are full of Read More


arneomai. denied. how often do we deny Him? (notice, i don’t ask IF we do, but how often.. it’s much more realistic a question) i think by not living out His truth, we deny Him. we deny the words He spoke, the truth He is, because we do not deem His commands worthy of our Read More


“where can you discern how truth has been warped in your own thinking by the world?”. interesting question. because you know it has, it is just hard to discern where because we see it as truth. if you cannot see the warped truth from the real truth, then how do you know when the truth Read More