Month: May 2007

stop drop and roll

you remember those little lessons in elementary school, don’t you? where the firemen come in wearing their yellow, rubber pants with suspenders and hard hats with a big number on the front (and for us california natives, they would usually be accompanied by a big guy in a bear suit who would point at the Read More

a funny thing happened on my way to the checkout

so i’m at the supermarket today, waiting in line to be checked out, and i glanced over at the rags where i expected to see nothing out of the ordinary. but out of the corner of my eye, i happened upon a book, happily displaying its trademark yellow and black cover, “baby names for dummies”. Read More

the ultimate compliment

it’s after 11pm and i’m up (unusual) watching david letterman (really unusual). he’s featuring a comedian who does impersonations. i just watched him mimic john travolta, nicholas cage, al pacino, ray romano, bill cosby, and a few others i’d already forgotten before the commercial break. i thought it was kind of interesting that this man Read More

my life is a dash

anyone here entertain themselves by strolling through cemeteries, trying to solve the histories belonging to those buried beneath your feet? yikes! am i the only one? actually, i don’t. but, since we’re on the subject – i wanted to consider the lovely sentiments we find carved into the headstones that capture the lives of the Read More

i forgot my words

tonight during a creative meeting for the revolution service, i was reminded of a little inspirational piece i’d written a long time ago.. actually several things i’d written.. and had forgotten all about! isn’t that amazing that you can do that? create something and then forget it exists? we were planning a service on “leaving Read More