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gracious sinners

it seems that all around me lately are situations where someone was responsible for someone else’s “stuff” and something happened to that “stuff” but the someone responsible had trouble owning up to it to the someone else. cryptic, i know. but for the sake of those i love dearly and wish to protect that’s all Read More

be careful what you pray for

we tend to say “be careful what you pray for.” we say “i prayed for patience and boy did God give me an opportunity to gain it.” but i’ve been thinking about that lately. and i would like to propose that perhaps there are times when, instead of it being our idea to pray for Read More

bad art

i read an article that said we should not judge art before its completion. the author told how a movie was shared before it was ever finished and then it received high criticism and remarks on how it didn’t live up to expectations, but they had illegally viewed the unfinished product. how can you pass Read More

all about me

i introduced rubber chicken nuggets in my last post and threatened – er.. promised! – that more nuggets were coming. i feel it is important to mention as i had previously that these are born out of personal convictions and challenges. any similarities to anyone whether real or imagined are not intended nor sought. however, Read More

rubber chicken nuggets

my boss gets punchy in the early afternoon. i try to have a white board marker in hand because i know he’s bound to say something that will send us into fits of laughter and i’m going to want to capture it. and while it’s always funny, sometimes it is also very wise. which led Read More