would you leave your [safety] net?

matthew 4:21-22 talks about jesus calling james and john to follow him. and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him. their nets and boats were their livelihood, their investments, their lifelong careers, their family business. they walked away from them, leaving the security they knew behind. to follow Christ. how did Read More

the life God saved you for

you hear stories of people going on what they think is a normal vacation, but it ends in tragedy, death or disappearance. our trip to costa rica last march was almost one of them. it happened on a perfect, glorious, sunny day isn’t that ironic? we were at the beach house we rented and we Read More

Mother’s Day

our moms are so under appreciated. it’s embarrassing that there is only one [commercialized] day set aside to honor them. they deserve to be lauded constantly and publicly. they are our lifeline – literally, and then in just about all other aspects. until we die. moms are unique creatures. they can be gentle and kind Read More

building new habits

yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine about good habits. I shared with him the new good habits I have been trying to make and what habits I wanted to start in the future, and he asked me how I start a good habit – what reminds me to do it until it Read More

separate things

one of my girlfriends shared yesterday that her son was very defensive of his friend’s church. whenever the subject came up he would defend rather than discuss. and i asked her if she thought he was defending his friend, that maybe he hadn’t yet separated his friend from his friend’s beliefs. it got me to Read More

The girl in the turquoise dress

two years ago i visited uganda for the first time. we visited IDP camps in and around gulu before settling in at the village of hope where we taught ESL, Bible stories and songs and got to know some of the most amazing kids ever. at the camps the children would greet us and sing, Read More

the brightest reflection

this morning i was reading in acts 19 where it talks about God doing miracles through paul, so much so that in verse 12 it says that, even handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched his skin were carried away to the sick, and their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them Read More

my portion

i woke up this morning to a scripture my cousin texted me. it’s in psalm 73:26 my flesh and my heart my fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever and it got me to thinking – what is a portion, really? i asked God to help me understand what Read More

what i learned at the collin classic 2011

today i rode in the collin classic, a rural bike ride rally here in, well, collin county. it seems that every time i take on a challenge like this, i end up learning a lot about myself in the process. how can you not? you spend the whole time pretty much alone. well, i do Read More

charlotte – my first non-usa donation

i am knitting the charlotte sweater from the gorgeous dauphine (#14) book. first of all: beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! one evening, several times, i read the decrease directions for the tops of the sleeves and i couldn’t figure it out. it just made no sense. i had to sleep on it and look at it again Read More

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