my bum hurts

alright! alright!! i admit it!! i’m not such a lady afterall. sitting in this derned chair all day, my bum is now sore. i’m sick to death of being stuck here. cannot wait to have the freedom to move around (and the freedom to wear the shoes to do it comfortably). am i done yet? Read More

how does freedom taste?

the countdown has begun. i have three more days at this job. the boys took me out to lunch today. we ate at rockfish – omiwerd!! it was so good. we shared a plate of fried pickles and then i had some jalapeno cream soup (i need to learn how to make this) and then Read More

the weekend is over. finally.

after work on friday, all of us met at mom’s house to help her move. we got started with a few things, stopped for a pizza dinner, then got back to work and loaded up the truck. got it to b&g’s and went home and crashed. sat morning we were back at b&g’s at 8am Read More

i’m on a budget

last night my dot and i went to the supermarket together and bought some produce and snackies for our lunches. first off, as sad as this may sound, this is one of the best times i’ve had with my dot in a while. we were together, we were on the same mission, and we actually Read More


a new life, a new blog. that’s what i told my dot today. although when i said that i was going to go back, wipeout my old blog, reinstall moveable type, again!, and start afresh. then i thought about it. and said to myself: this isn’t what i want. i want a program to do Read More

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