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my hearts prayer

father – i know, like job, i might be tempted to ‘reprove’ my friends when they admonish me; out of fear of appearing undignified, of feeling mocked. what would turn counsel of friends into mockery? and unhumbled heart. me seeking me. may i not seek self, but may i seek you and you alone. may Read More

if only…

today’s scripture reading was job 6-9. job’s friends accused him of sin. that is how he was in the predicament he was in – he had sinned. but we know the truth because we are privy to a window into conversations that occurred in heaven between the Lord and satan. we know that satan was Read More

the heart of God

i’m reading in job right now and am trying to approach it as though i’ve never heard the story before in order to gain insight about it i’ve never had or view an ‘old’ insight through a new lens. it struck me that job would get up early in the morning after their week of Read More

scribbling to make a point

the other day at work, my friend took a pencil and started to ‘color’ with it, leaning it over almost horizontally in order to rub off the fat sides and sharpen the end. i knew what he was doing, but it still tickled me. and when he noticed me noticing, he said, “i’m scribbling to Read More

it’s your life. deal with it.

was reading ruth again this morning. i love that book. i would like to say because it’s about a woman fully devoted to God, so much so that she does things that are unexpected of her (leaving her own family and people) and things that are expected of her (“go lay at his feet and Read More

with the love of God

i usually pray for God’s heart to beat inside my chest. meaning = i want God’s love to resonate out of me because my love is too selfish and prideful and conditional and concerned about how it affects me. i want to see people the way He sees them. when i use my own heart Read More

ed bulkley got it

when i was in college we had an “old guy” come in to our college group at church once in a while. he was one of those people that was a permanent fixture at church. he was always there. always willing to help. always caring and loving. we were recovering from a tumultuous changeover in Read More

be careful what you pray for

we tend to say “be careful what you pray for.” we say “i prayed for patience and boy did God give me an opportunity to gain it.” but i’ve been thinking about that lately. and i would like to propose that perhaps there are times when, instead of it being our idea to pray for Read More

bad art

i read an article that said we should not judge art before its completion. the author told how a movie was shared before it was ever finished and then it received high criticism and remarks on how it didn’t live up to expectations, but they had illegally viewed the unfinished product. how can you pass Read More


i noticed this post on my facebook wall earlier today: How do you stay so positive. Is it a choice u make or does it just come natural? You inspire me to want to be more positive. Any advice? and first i wanna say, “whoa! advice? from me? um…” LOL you know, i have been Read More

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