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the brightest reflection

this morning i was reading in acts 19 where it talks about God doing miracles through paul, so much so that in verse 12 it says that, even handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched his skin were carried away to the sick, and their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them Read More

my portion

i woke up this morning to a scripture my cousin texted me. it’s in psalm 73:26 my flesh and my heart my fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever and it got me to thinking – what is a portion, really? i asked God to help me understand what Read More

gifted to give

when jon and i returned from our first trip to uganda last august, our hearts were agitated. we wanted to do something. to be of help to the children at the village of hope. we joked (ok, i joked. jon may have been quite serious!) about moving to uganda, building our own hut in the Read More

daily bread

last sunday my pastor preached on part of the Lord’s Prayer. i was not there to hear him give the message since i was at a women’s retreat. but!… because i’m the one who puts the sermon outline and notes into youversion, i got to read the material last week before i left. which is Read More


i want to be wise. i seek to be wise. i call out for it and desire it. has it worked? i cannot say if i really am ‘wise’ or if i am not, but i can say that i am wise-‘er’ than i have ever been before. and it is 100% attributable to God. Read More

gracious sinners

it seems that all around me lately are situations where someone was responsible for someone else’s “stuff” and something happened to that “stuff” but the someone responsible had trouble owning up to it to the someone else. cryptic, i know. but for the sake of those i love dearly and wish to protect that’s all Read More

hubba hubba

i love donald miller. he’s smart and funny. he has clever-humor. i like that. and every once in a while i need my donald fix and i’ll listen to a session he did at willow creek several years back. it’s about how we need artists to help people grasp the gospel and he was encouraging Read More

parallel of intensity

i’m reading leviticus right now in my chronological reading of the bible. i’m also reading revelation for the current sermon series at my church. so i’m essentially at the beginning and the end. and i am seeing a parallel of ‘intensity’ between God’s treatment of the israelites as He awaits them to turn back to Read More

missionally minded

i was reading this morning about abraham – how he was going to sacrifice his son, how his wife died and he purchased a tomb for her burial, and how he sent his servant to bring back a wife for isaac from his father’s house. and the thing that stuck with me the most this Read More

sitting on the bench

this is dedicated to my dear cousin who is in the thick of ministry but sometimes feeling benched. and to my fan club.i have some very sweet kids who have been loving on me for quite some time. and i remember when they first started, er.. flocking to me. i’ve always been somewhat of a Read More

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