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why’s it so hard to tell the truth?

i watched a documentary that gave an inside view of a tony robbins week long seminar. this thing costed about $5000 or some outrageous amount like that to attend. for each attendee. dang that guy is raking it in! tony would focus on certain individuals during the course of this week, helping them dig deep Read More

a bitter earth

in my bible reading plan, this morning’s scripture just happened to be my all time favorite book of the bible: Ruth. in fact, i was just talking about this book two days ago, sharing how it’s my go-to whenever i need a Bible pick-me-up, and then here it is in my plan today. i was Read More

home can be a selfish place

i’m just gonna jump right in: how do you grow as a christian? what kind of life should you live that will please God? my church has worked on narrowing the answer down to four things that they call “practices of a Christ follower.” and they are: engage God individually connect in a group worship in Read More

are those my words in your mouth?

  have you ever heard your own words coming out of someone else’s mouth? i was talking to some of my girlfriends the other day about doing the p90x3 workouts. the “3” stands for 30 minutes and some of the workouts are really challenging. but i told them when i get to a difficult part, Read More

a rare obedience

you know, Paul gets a lot of attention with his drastic conversion and then full out life of service for The Lord. (appropriately so) but think for a minute about what Ananias did at the time, Paul (Saul) was a brutal and bitter enemy to Jesus followers. he had a wide-spread reputation for it. and Read More

faster, easier, and can i get mine supersized?

yesterday in a staff meeting, my pastor said that at each stage of a christian’s life, one of the standards to growth is the Word. whether you’re a brand new believer or you’ve had a relationship with Christ as your Savior for 80 years, or anywhere in between, the Word never stops being a component Read More

10,000 hours of evil

yesterday i was in jeremiah for my daily reading. chapter 4, verse 22 says, “For my people are foolish; they know me not; they are stupid children; they have no understanding. They are ‘wise’—in doing evil! But how to do good they know not.” (Jeremiah 4:22 ESV) they were wise in doing evil. ouch. i Read More

would you leave your [safety] net?

matthew 4:21-22 talks about jesus calling james and john to follow him. and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him. their nets and boats were their livelihood, their investments, their lifelong careers, their family business. they walked away from them, leaving the security they knew behind. to follow Christ. how did Read More

the life God saved you for

you hear stories of people going on what they think is a normal vacation, but it ends in tragedy, death or disappearance. our trip to costa rica last march was almost one of them. it happened on a perfect, glorious, sunny day isn’t that ironic? we were at the beach house we rented and we Read More

separate things

one of my girlfriends shared yesterday that her son was very defensive of his friend’s church. whenever the subject came up he would defend rather than discuss. and i asked her if she thought he was defending his friend, that maybe he hadn’t yet separated his friend from his friend’s beliefs. it got me to Read More

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