Month: July 2014

a month of proverbs

i’ve been enthralled with proverbs before but usually i cannot get past the first few chapters. not that i stopped, just that i kept reading chapters one and two over and over. they.. well,… enthrall me. recently my passion for proverbs has been renewed and now i have committed to reading it through in a Read More

are those my words in your mouth?

  have you ever heard your own words coming out of someone else’s mouth? i was talking to some of my girlfriends the other day about doing the p90x3 workouts. the “3” stands for 30 minutes and some of the workouts are really challenging. but i told them when i get to a difficult part, Read More

a rare obedience

you know, Paul gets a lot of attention with his drastic conversion and then full out life of service for The Lord. (appropriately so) but think for a minute about what Ananias did at the time, Paul (Saul) was a brutal and bitter enemy to Jesus followers. he had a wide-spread reputation for it. and Read More

faster, easier, and can i get mine supersized?

yesterday in a staff meeting, my pastor said that at each stage of a christian’s life, one of the standards to growth is the Word. whether you’re a brand new believer or you’ve had a relationship with Christ as your Savior for 80 years, or anywhere in between, the Word never stops being a component Read More