Month: July 2012

building new habits

yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine about good habits. I shared with him the new good habits I have been trying to make and what habits I wanted to start in the future, and he asked me how I start a good habit – what reminds me to do it until it Read More

separate things

one of my girlfriends shared yesterday that her son was very defensive of his friend’s church. whenever the subject came up he would defend rather than discuss. and i asked her if she thought he was defending his friend, that maybe he hadn’t yet separated his friend from his friend’s beliefs. it got me to Read More

The girl in the turquoise dress

two years ago i visited uganda for the first time. we visited IDP camps in and around gulu before settling in at the village of hope where we taught ESL, Bible stories and songs and got to know some of the most amazing kids ever. at the camps the children would greet us and sing, Read More