Month: October 2010

daily bread

last sunday my pastor preached on part of the Lord’s Prayer. i was not there to hear him give the message since i was at a women’s retreat. but!… because i’m the one who puts the sermon outline and notes into youversion, i got to read the material last week before i left. which is Read More

Article of our trip to Uganda

This article was submitted to both Jon’s and my employers for use in their newsletters. We are delighted that either of them would want to distribute our story. And I thought I would publish here, too, for funsies… in case you aren’t on either of those lists. Not many people have experienced horrors worse than Read More

are you my sponsor?

when jon and i returned from uganda, we began to pray and ask God how we might become further involved with the village of hope and do what we can do ensure these children have a godly, successful future. and one of the things we considered was the child sponsorship program. in this program, $100 Read More

what’s in a name?

today it was announced that our church is changing its name from mckinney fellowship to christ fellowship. and while i have heard there are some folks not happy – or at least reticent – about the name change… i love it! i love that the new name says we are not about a city, but Read More

obsessed with knitting

i’m back in my knitting phase. i can hardly concentrate on anything else. my marriage, my job, the cats – they are riding backseat in my knit-mobile. i woke up thinking about knitting today, for goodness’ sake. it is my prayer that i wake up to God’s praise and that i would fall asleep with Read More