Month: August 2010

uganda, debrief

after returning from uganda, i had an opportunity to share with the wonderful staff i get to work with about the trip. i knew i’d lose focus if i didn’t have it written down, so i prepared it ahead of time. this is what i said: first – i have greetings to give you, from Read More

uganda, day 10

breakfast and then down to the chapel for worship in song, scripture readings, a message, and encouragements from whomever wishes to speak. we had thought that a few days prior we would be offering an encouragement to the kids, so i had something prepared in my other notebook. at the last minute, i’d torn it Read More

uganda, day 9

prayers. singing. laughing. bonding. loving. giving. being. the children are my heart’s delight and i seek to fill every moment of my day with their hugs and smiles and closeness. with rose’s direction we fill food bags for each child to take home with them during their school holiday. the bags contain rice, beans, flour Read More

uganda, day 8

end of school term ceremonies headmaster richard, teachers, nurse and dave spoke words of encouragement to the children, with sidenotes of thanks to us. then the kids danced, judith took me to dance the one dance that cindy likes so much. it is a bonding dance between two women friends. jon also did a dance. Read More

uganda, day 7

the days begin to blend. i’ve stopped referring to days by dates but rather by an event that happens within it. cindy led the devotional this morning. what she has done for these children is nothing short of a miracle. how does she leave each time? stella and some others came to her hut to Read More

uganda, day 6

awoke at first light, took my journal close to the kid’s rooms. heard them singing about what is to be found in the blood of the Lord: wisdom, knowledge, healing, power, forgiveness, protection, praise, care, cleanses. went over to one of the houses and sat in the back where the ‘stove’ is. talked with the Read More

uganda, day 5

the sound of their prayers – buzzing, alighting the air, en masse, i wonder how it smells to God? their sincerity in worship is a big, fat lesson to us comfortable christians for their hearts are poured out and surrendered to Christ. it is what they can cling to. the kids loved looking at my Read More

uganda, day 4

on the drive to village of hope, we stopped so rose could buy some chickens. that woman was in command! they loaded several live chickens into a box and put the box on the roof of the van. and we toted those chickens to the village to be used for dinner. finally, we make it Read More

uganda, day 3

sunday. we attended an english-speaking african church. found out later that the pastor is rose’s cousin. seriously, who isn’t related to rose? after the message one of the elders got up and talked about how ugandans need to lift up uganda and that they were born ugandan for a reason and to step up and Read More

uganda, day 2

staying at the hotel florida in gulu. breakfast was a spanish omlette (if you ordered your eggs scrambled you didn’t get served… right renee?), toast w/butter and jam, fresh banana, coffee and passion fruit juice. the shower was a warm drizzle. but it was warm! it wasn’t a separate little room like we are used Read More

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