Month: June 2010

the BBQ in tweets

take a chicken. cut off its head. let it run around. that is what i resembled the morning of the BBQ. praying, Lord, please just let this be a success in your eyes, and let me not measure it with my own ‘success-stick’ for fear of it falling it terribly short. let it be just Read More


i smell brownies. a huge batch of them were baked and cooled last night and i’m finishing up with the rest of them now. they’re for the BBQ. a fundraiser event jon and i are having this evening to raise support for our mission to village of hope, uganda. it’s hard to concentrate as chocolatey wafts of Read More

gracious sinners

it seems that all around me lately are situations where someone was responsible for someone else’s “stuff” and something happened to that “stuff” but the someone responsible had trouble owning up to it to the someone else. cryptic, i know. but for the sake of those i love dearly and wish to protect that’s all Read More

send a girl to africa, that’s my motto

it seems to me that God delights in delighting us. i think he loves it when we pray for a solution so he can show us how he will provide in ways we didn’t even consider. i was asking God for help to come up with the funding for the mission he called us to Read More