Month: January 2010

missionally minded

i was reading this morning about abraham – how he was going to sacrifice his son, how his wife died and he purchased a tomb for her burial, and how he sent his servant to bring back a wife for isaac from his father’s house. and the thing that stuck with me the most this Read More

sitting on the bench

this is dedicated to my dear cousin who is in the thick of ministry but sometimes feeling benched. and to my fan club.i have some very sweet kids who have been loving on me for quite some time. and i remember when they first started, er.. flocking to me. i’ve always been somewhat of a Read More

my hearts prayer

father – i know, like job, i might be tempted to ‘reprove’ my friends when they admonish me; out of fear of appearing undignified, of feeling mocked. what would turn counsel of friends into mockery? and unhumbled heart. me seeking me. may i not seek self, but may i seek you and you alone. may Read More

if only…

today’s scripture reading was job 6-9. job’s friends accused him of sin. that is how he was in the predicament he was in – he had sinned. but we know the truth because we are privy to a window into conversations that occurred in heaven between the Lord and satan. we know that satan was Read More

the heart of God

i’m reading in job right now and am trying to approach it as though i’ve never heard the story before in order to gain insight about it i’ve never had or view an ‘old’ insight through a new lens. it struck me that job would get up early in the morning after their week of Read More

using resolve all the year-round

it’s that time of year for people to make and share their new year’s resolutions. i was asked, as usual, if i had any and i had to give them the long answer. i am in a constant state of change (hopefully for the better). it is my goal to always be learning and growing Read More