Month: May 2009


this piece was a joint effort and i cannot accept full credit for it. thanks for all the hands that contributed to this one. my name means rock. And for a good long while I actually thought I earned it! I knew why I got the name.  I grew up a fisherman, which will make Read More


i had a lot of money. i mean A LOT of money. there wasn’t anything i didn’t have or couldn’t get. and i was secure. i had a government job. i was chief tax collector. admittedly, i was corrupt. but what did i need integrity for when i had all this money? i could BUY Read More

a samaritan woman

i am a samaritan woman. do you have any idea what that means? being from samaria is bad, at least according to jewish people. they won’t deal with us. period. we are a hated race. but being a woman is even worse. our own men won’t even talk to us, at least not publicly. so Read More