Month: April 2009

one more reason why i love mckinney fellowship

folks – this is awesome. this is yet another reason why i love worshiping at mckinney fellowship. bruce doesn’t want some title or ‘honor’. he just wants to serve God, just like the rest of us: in the role God has designed him to serve. i love that bruce gets the fact that just because Read More


i was a pretty top dog. i knew the law backward and forward. i knew it inside and out. and when there were decisions to be made about the law – i was one of the guys they called on. and it was this position that led me to a discovery that changed me. i Read More

all about me

i introduced rubber chicken nuggets in my last post and threatened – er.. promised! – that more nuggets were coming. i feel it is important to mention as i had previously that these are born out of personal convictions and challenges. any similarities to anyone whether real or imagined are not intended nor sought. however, Read More

rubber chicken nuggets

my boss gets punchy in the early afternoon. i try to have a white board marker in hand because i know he’s bound to say something that will send us into fits of laughter and i’m going to want to capture it. and while it’s always funny, sometimes it is also very wise. which led Read More