Month: April 2008

the safety of my home

we’re studying luke right now in the series called ‘the heart of the matter’. this past week’s lesson talked about the widow’s gift to God – which was simply two small coins but was all she had to live on. and one of the discussion questions was about what we are doing to help people Read More


when you see signs that start with beware, you are likely to think there is something dangerous and harmful that you are being warned to be on high alert for. similarly, when we hear someone say beware, we change how we hear what is next. we aren’t listening to something quaint or funny. we don’t Read More

a spirit of yes

that’s a neat catchy phrase, don’t you think?.. “a spirit of yes”. i was talking with a friend of mine yesterday about how sometimes God may not want us to actually DO something, but to be WILLING to do something. like, in her case, going on a trip to poland. when she was first approached Read More