Month: March 2008

God’s fingerprints

struggle. challenge. tough time. we have different words for it, here in the world. but i believe the heavenly realm calls it – a call to submit. for weeks it has been my prayer to submit to whatever it is God wants me to do, to serve however it is He has designed me to Read More

order my day

i attended a leadership training session yesterday (kingdom training – will be held once a month.. i’m pretty excited about it). during one of the exercises we had to split off into teams of two, but you had to find someone you didn’t know. there was a guy at the next table that stepped toward Read More

for such a time as this

reading in esther this morning and i am struck by how much haman wants to feel important. after esther’s first feast in chapter 5, he goes home to speak of how many sons he had, his riches and promotions and the favor he’s found with the king, and how even esther invited only he and Read More