Month: November 2007

orange bulbs

i’m spending a rare moment alone at home. jon is playing with da boys over at a friend’s house.. doin’ techie stuff. i only have one thing on my agenda tonight and that’s to write 5 or 6 lines of my testimony for a drama thing we’re doing in december. until then i’m watching five Read More

the little lost ball

i wrote this piece years ago, but was thinking about it again the other day when i was talking to a friend of mine who seems to be so worn out right now. like they were true to a ministry they felt they were called to, but then was left to figure the details out Read More

not at work but working

today is the last day i have to take my antibiotics. YAY! i celebrate not because i am getting better everyday i take them, but because they give me awful abdominal cramps. i find myself curled up in a ball, rubbing my tummy, and saying “ow. ow. ow.” but truly i am glad to be Read More

walking pneumonia

i went to the doctor today after having a cough for 17 days and i found out i have walking pneumonia. well, that’s a first. but i knew it had to be something, afterall i was just so rundown and felt kinda like a weakling for taking it easy when i didn’t seem to have Read More

ding dong

i was going to take a little nap this afternoon while waiting for jon to call me and say he’s on his way home (so i could suggest he pick up pei wei for dinner!), and before i could drift off the doorbell rang. i considered ignoring it. afterall, no one ever really comes by Read More