Month: September 2007

labor day!

slept in today. mmmm.. love that! i wish i could sleep in everyday. got up. removed my eye ‘bandages’. and got to work on the new office. we got a desk from the dousts in exchange for jon’s recliner, so we put it in our front room (which on our floor plan is the dining Read More

string of pearls

i was talking to my friend who recently returned from a mission trip. we were discussing how you ‘pray up’ for events like that – prepare with prayer. it’s like, you know you can’t get through things like that without having your heart in the right place and things dealt with in your life and Read More

a night with erik & teri

for the past few weeks i’ve been ‘dealing’ with eye issues. i decided to have laser surgery on my eyes. it seemed a cost effective decision for me given that i pay for daily contacts. but due to excessively dry eyes, i’ve experienced some complications – stria in my left corneal flap resulting in having Read More