Month: February 2007

zebra striped friendship

i am beginning to open up more and more to having people come over to the house. part of it is that greyhound is no longer here. he made the house, um.. smell unappealing. another part is that i am slowly starting to get the living room in order. new orange sofa and settee, new Read More

week five

another night of married couples’ study.. it was pretty good. this past week we went over the role of a man as laid out in the timothys and titus and the role of a woman as laid out in proverbs 31 (ah yes, the perfect wife scripture. yup. that would be the one). the study Read More

connecting with cat

so i was in the bathtub today, destressing, when i looked up and saw cat, perched on the rim, watching me. she’s enamored with water. and bubbles. so a bubble bath seems to be near impossible for her to avoid. trust me.. it’s not me nakkies that makes this event so attractive. although my dot Read More

the stirring

tonight’s conf kickoff was awesome! we are doing a series on joshua at our church right now and about 2 weeks ago our pastor spoke of rahab. he talked about how joshua sent only two spies to scope out the scene, they met up with rahab, she was faithful to a God she didn’t really Read More

my tummy

my tummy says, this conference is a big deal and needs to run smoothly and we need to have a decent turnout and all of our volunteers need to show up and i have to get mediashout ready because the lyrics are all hosed right now and there are still a lot of goodie bag Read More

the orange setee

my dot and i have been able to get some new furniture lately. it’s been so neat seeing the living room come together the way it has. and i feel that we have a look that is “us”, especially with the addition of the entertainment center we just got. the wood work on it is Read More