Month: November 2006

wanted: rest

this is going to be short and sweet because i’ve had a lot of water and it’s going right through me. i’m tired and grumpy today. i need a good night’s sleep. like really good. all snuggly buggly in the world’s heaviest blanket and my pajama bottoms don’t bunch up around my knees. where i Read More


my friend and i have been looking forward to doing beth moore’s joshua study. we’ve checked with just about everyone for a copy of the dvds. but no one seems to have them. and the leader kit is about $200. so we’ve decided to do the online Bible study. it was originally designed to be Read More

sudoku and the feast

last night i realized where my dot got his snoring. his dad was sleeping in the room next to us, just outside our door and my dot was on the other side of me in the bed. i was essentially right between the two of them. and they snored. i could kick my dot. but.. Read More


at the in-laws for tgiving. we drove up here this evening, stopped at burger king and used our 2 $5 gift cards to pickup a little dinner (yay-veggie burger!), and met the family at my dot’s parent’s house. we’ll be staying here for two nights. there are two kids here, i think they are my Read More

miss me?

so i’ve been trying to get all settled into ministry work and seem to have a million projects all brand new just begging for me to tackle them all at once, teams to build up, job descriptions to create, websites to design and populate, and maybe the hardest one of all of them: get my Read More