Month: October 2006

is this a burping house?

when i burp my mother gives me the eye. you know – the stink eye with a raised brow that says i’m in big doo-doo. she thinks it isn’t very lady-like, and while i’ll admit there are certain social niceties we should all be mindful of, i must stress that “all” should be mindful. what Read More

halloween is coming

there is a cemetery in my front yard. this is our 4th annual haunted garage and halloween party, hosted by yours truly. (well, ours truly, now. i love you, my dot.) the first year we put black tarp up on my garage walls so it would be pitch dark for the haunted house. the thought Read More

a new friend

there was a woman at my church who would sing with the worship team from time to time. and then i started seeing her more during the worship service – i remember one in particular. i was asked at the last minute to take a part in reading scripture during serving at one of the Read More

a new day has dawned on me

a whirlwind weekend has dumped me into a new job with quiet mornings to start me new days fresh and rested. thursday evening we moved things out of the house to get ready for company, and my brother came over to pick up some of their stuff that was still here. i threw out my Read More